[Advaita-l] Where is this Sloka?

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Mon Feb 2 22:57:46 CST 2015


Where is this Sloka found?

Dvaita Visistadvaita and Advaita
A  wave looks at the ocean and says I am different from the ocean. Another
wave looks at the ocean and says I am part of the ocean. The third wave
looks at the ocean and says essentially ocean and me are only water and
hence I am ocean. All are correct. The difference is only from the point of
view. This is well explained by Anjaneya when he was asked by Lord Rama,
"How will relate yourself to me?"

Anjaneya says,
dEhabuddhyA tu dAso smi jIvabuddhyA tvadam┼Ťakah |
AtmabuddhyA tvamEvAhamiti me niscitA matih |

Lord, while I identify myself with the body, I am thy servant, when I
consider myself as jIva, I am thy part and from my own svarUpa, I am
yourself. This is my firm understanding.



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