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All the three acharyas from the south and  a few more from the north like
Sri Vallabhacharya, Chaitanya mahapurush had served sanathana dharma in no
simple terms.
They upheld dharma, showed a streak of light and provided hope to their
followers who continued to preserve our dharma
even when menaced by foreign invasions and intolerance showed by rulers of
other religions.

One may be learned, been to a great school, might have studied under great
teachers, belong to grand lineage or even mastered any of the philosophies
on his/her own.
None of these or any other positive qualification justify showing
disrespect to the acharyas of the past. Bashing-non-advaitic acharyas on a
standard forum like this
still cause collateral damage to our sanathana dharma from within.  Many
members of this list have cultured view of showing respect to others where
it is due.

It is a pain to have members like this who go rogue. but it would still
help most others, if the moderators find a suitable way to help this
Looks like he has a tortured soul.  A good therapeutic approach would be to
teach this gentleman how to open a blogspot or wordpress or someother blog
He can continue his charades and vitriol without making us read his mails
even by chance.



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> Namaste
> In personal life also Madhvacharya did not show correct behaviour. He was a
> Sanyasi just like Adi Sankara. But he had a HUGE appetite. For a Sanyasi
> the control of appetite is very important. He must not eat more than he can
> hold with two hands in every meal.
> The sad story is Madhvas are very much enjoying the story of Madhva eating
> 4000 bananas and drinking 30 pots of milk in Goa. They may say he was
> Hanuman and Bheema with huge appetite. But if he is a Sanyasi he must
> follow Sanyasi Dharma only. He cannot say I am Bheema and I can eat as much
> as I want. It is wrong. Will he say I am Bheema and get married  and have
> children also ????
> 4000 Banana eating and 30 pots of Milk drinking story below -
> https://books.google.co.in/books?id=fVFC2Nx-LP8C&pg=PA69&lpg=PA69&dq=Madhva+milk+and+bananas&source=bl&ots=lRJ3lrH3Ql&sig=ywTsidtah7sXr9l2Vsu9EVQpy8Y&hl=en&sa=X&ei=XiPaVLasAoW5mAXd_4DQCQ&ved=0CCIQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=Madhva%20milk%20and%20bananas&f=false

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