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Dear Shri.Sriram
Namaste and I can understand your frustrations against the activities of prophetic religions 
(both Christianity and Islam are of same origin). I really don't see much of difference between them and our other dwaitic religions.
After all all these are religions and they tend to be like that only. Where as Advaita is not mere a religion , but the very basic truth which not easily accepted or even 
understood by these religions. So let us not worry much about the religions and the number game theyare playing. So I feel there is nothing to worry (but for the influence of these foreign religionson our culture and intellect).
Hope you understand my point

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We people fight like this whereas christians & muslims laugh 
at this fight who are taking advantage. 

My Christian colleague who follows this forum silently
in home makes fun of we people who fight on petty issues
regarding which God (shiva / vishnu) is great !!

Does anybody has the guts to stand before Zakir Naik
and challenge that our hinduism is the source of all 
religions.  This guy challenges us and says that 
"Allah is the only god and Islam is the only religion"

Just think over it before fighting over the issues of
dvaita, v.advaita & advaita.

Ultimately, all differences come to an end in
graveyard and all the bodies of jivas are reduced
to ashes.  And this is place where Lord Shiva stays and 
besmears Himself with the ashes just just to point 
out we fools that the Ultimate Reality is beyond all "isms" 

I am sick of all this nonsense over petty quarrels
whereas on hand mass christian conversions
are going on and on other Islam is conquering the
world with their ideology called Jihad.

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