Ramana Mallela ramana.mallela at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 02:38:50 CST 2015

It is really sad to read recent conversations. The members should
follow some guidelines, and be faithful to sanAtana dharma. People who
do not practice certain aspects of it cannot claim to be belonging to
that faith. Where did we learn to be intolerant of ideas / ideologies
and Irreverent to acharyas and their doctrines?

The differences arose while trying to understand the relationship
between JIvAtmA and ParamAtmA (and while attaining moksha). It is a
process defined by various saints. What works for one may not work for
others? That is exactly the greatness of the framework of sanAtana
dharma. Many feel the distance as they practice - so near yet so far.
Hating others because they do not believe in our ideology or
methodology is unlike a person following sanAtana dharma.

According to different Desha, KAla, Paristhithi's and based on the
audience, the great acharyAs of yore tailored their teachings and
methodologies. They still work for the specific audiences (not by
castes and subcastes but by their nature).
We all know that mere good actions (satkarmAs) do not lead to moksha.
That does not mean people should be busy in wrong actions (like some
other doctrines do).There is a basic framework and then there are 101,
201 courses. We should be mature enough to understand our dharma.

We belong to a great tradition of integrated approach. We should spend
our effort in formulating mechanisms on how to communicate this great
tradition in modern languages to uplift humanity (and not for silly

I am very sure the esteem members of this group agree with this.The
true nature of gurus is not known by our senses and our mind! (ref:



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