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Thank you for the efforts to convey the correct cases to be used while doing the srardha ceremony.

It is true that sometimes the purohit himself is not aware of such things.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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I am seeing many people are not using correct Sanskrit Vibhaktis in Sraddha
ceremony. If correct Vibhakt is not used the Sraddha will be useless.

In Sankalpa, giving Kshana and giving Asana to Brahmins the Sashthi
Vibhakti must be used. Like PitruPitamahaPrapitamahaanaam. In Avahana
Dviteeya Vibhakti must be used. Like Pitaram Pitaamaham and Prapitaamaham.
In giving Tarpana also Dviteeya Vibhakti is a must. Like AsmatPitaram,
AsmatPitaamaham, AsmatPrapitaamaham. In Anna Dana, Svadha, Pinda Pooja and
Svasti we must use Chaturthi Vibhakti. Like Pitre, Pitaamahaaya,
Prapitaamahaaya or PitruPitaamahaPrapitaamahebhyaha.

But in Pinda Pradana we must use Sambodhana Vibhakti up to 'Ye Chatvaa
matraanu' and after that it should be Chaturthi Vibhakti. Sambodhana of
PitruPitamahaPrapitaamaha Sabdas is 'Pita:' 'Pitaamaha' and 'Prapitaamaha'.
For Sarma Sabda Sambodhana  is Sarman, Dviteeya is Sarmaanam, Chaturthi is
Sarmane and Sashthi is Sarmana:. Like if father's name is Raama the
Sambodhana will be Pita: Raama Deva Sarman. Chaturthi will be Pitre Raama
Deva Sarmane. Sashthi will be Pitu: Raama Deva Sarmana:.


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