[Advaita-l] Lalitha and Self-realization

sundar velen sundar230 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 10:09:13 CST 2015

Dear Members

I recently got a chance to read Dasamahavidya book by
Mr.Sankaranarayanan.Out of 10 Dasa Mahavidyas,Lalitha stands apart as she
is only surrounded by 64 crore Yoginis.

>From Self-realization POV, Will those in Sri Vidya upasana needs to cross
those yoginis to reach Lalitha ?I was told by my friend that many advanced
Upasakas might be deflected from reaching Lalitha due to yoginis by
providing siddhis .Only few transcend Maya and reach Lalitha after lot of

But at same time, persons can self-realize easily by worshipping other
forms of Lalitha like Kali, Matangi,Baglamukhi as we directly worship ambal
(no yoginis present). Im not comparing any deities but just pointing
general opinion among some sect of upasakas.

In my Personal opinion, as long as Ambal in form of kundalini reaches
sahashara, that sadhaka can reach Turiya and then self-realize irrespective
of deity he worship.

At same time,i would like to get views of respected members about this.


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