[Advaita-l] Lalitha and Self-realization

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Wed Feb 18 12:20:16 CST 2015


Whatever be the vidyA in tantra shAstra, the importance laid is
"guru-parampara" and "guru-anugraha".

tantrarAja tantra says:

pAramparyavihInA yE jnAnamAtrENa garvitAH
tESAM samayalOpEna vikurvanti marIchayaH 

ie., one who tries to understand and practice the
tantra shAstra "without the help of guru-parampara",
would eventually be the recepient of yOgini-shApa

Here shrI. bhAskararAya makhin explains the word 
"marIchi" as "marIchayO dAkinyAdayaH".

Further, He defines the "sampradAya" as "guru-kramENa 
samprAptaH" which implies the "guru-anugraha" which
should come through proper srividya lineage.

Tantra implies correlation and proper understanding of different 
interconnected thought processes. So, wrongly understood
concepts of tantra leads to the ire of corresponding "yogini-gaNa" that
are responsible of bestowing that particular knowledge / concept.

Otherwise, srIvidya is "swatantra-tantra" and as lalita-sahasranAma says
"AtmavidyA mahAvidyA srIvidyA kAmasEvitA".  srIvidya is Atma-vidya.

Now, coming to "kuNDalini-utthAna", to activate the 6 chakras and 
to clean the path of sushumna, certain food practices have to be
adopted for some years which again a guru dictates. However,
when the kuNDalini shoots up, it raises with a hissing sound
and doesn't stop till it merges with sahasrAra. For some, it seems like
"hamsa-gamana" and for some it appears like "pipeelaka-gamana".

However, every danger is there that it may loose the track in sushumna mArga
and effect the sUkSma nADi maNDala.  Hence, lot of preparation
is required under the direct supervision of guru.


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