[Advaita-l] Where is this Sloka?

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Dear Sri Venkata Sriram,

 I am copying below from one of your earlier posts.

 After imparting the Upanishad vidya

to Shri Anjaneya, Lord ramachandra asks shri Anjaneya whether He had
understood the teaching properly or not.
Shri Anjaneya replies thus as:
shrI rAma ! rAma ! rAma ! ra, mArAmAmaNimanOramAramaNA shrInArAyaNa !
nArAyaNa ! nArAyaNa ! nijasahasranAma stutyA !
O Lord Ramachandra ! Thou art the form of brahmavidya who is always
sought after by rajayogis; thou art the substratum of creation; thou
art the repository of “aparoksha-jnana”.
Saying so, shri anjaneya says as:
dEhabuddhyA(a)smi dAsOham jIvabuddhyA tvadamshakahAtmAbuddhyA tvamEva
aham iti mE nishchitA matih
When I identify myself with “dEha”, I am thy servant; when I identify
myself with “jiva”, I am an aspect of thine; when I shed both these
abhimAnAs ie., jiva-bhAva & dEha-bhAva; and identify with “kuTastha”,
I am thee.
This secret I understood with thy grace O rAmachandra !
I was reminded of this post while listening to the talk by Sri
Paramarthananda Swamiji delivered on 24th jan 2015 on Vichara Sagara.
The Swamiji quoted this verse while dealing with the  the Chit
Chaturvidhya Prakriya first propounded by Swami Vidyaranya in
Panchadashi and elaborated in Vichara Sagara. In this prakriya Jiva is
provisionally considered as the mixture of three parts namely Sukshma
sharira, Chidabhasa and Consciosness. The context was the Mahavakya
Tattvamasi. In this context he mentioned that this verse is quoted
very often these days. What interested me was his interpretation of
the second part jIvabuddhyA tvadamshakah . In line with the prakriya
he was explaining , he interpreted that when Jiva is identified with
the Chidabhasa ( of the prakriya ) then it is a part of Consciousness
( amshakah ) . Thus the first part of the verse represents dvaitic
understanding ( Jiva identified with all three amsas namely Suksma
sharira , Chidabhasa and Cosciousness ) , the second part
vishishtadvaitic understanding ( Jiva identified with the two amshas
Chidabhasa and Consciousness ) and the third part ( Jiva identified
with Consciousness alone ) advaitic understanding. I liked the linking
of the two very much and thought of sharing the same here. I thought
it might be of interest to you.
Sri Swamiji also mentioned that he was not aware of the source of the
verse. I am trying to bring your post to his attention through one of
his students.

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