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The itihasa and the puranas together  is called the Panchama Veda. The Padma purana says that the Bhagavatam is the highest of the puranas and the Bhagavata purana says that the Lord himself gives the knowledge (presumably the Advaita knowledge) to the ardent bhakta. This statement of the Panchama veda also tallies with the Vedanta (Upanishada), where Lord Ram gives that knowledge to the ardent bhakta Hanumana, when the Lord tells Hanumana to meditate on the Lord's Nirguna state (which is the way to be one with the Lord, which in other words, is the attainment of Moksha). Hanumana understood this mahavakya from the Lord but asked him for more time to enjoy the duality of being the Bhakta of the Lord.  Intellectual debate can help one by leading one to realize that the mahavakyas are the final guide for Moksha. 
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                I clearly tell my doubt here

  We get the moksha through the knowledge of brahman according to vedas,but

1)Infinite cannot be known by finite.
2)Nirguna can never be known ,because suguna can be known through suguna's
guna,but nirguna can never be known,because he is attribute less.
3)Nirguna cannot have knowledge.As knowledge is also a guna.

So,we never get knowledge of brahman,if brahman is nirguna,in other words
we never get moksha if brahman is nirguna.


Harsha Bhat
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