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 Should not the participants, instead of
 discussing all these appearances which are names only, try
 to realze the Truth as stated in the above quoted
 mantra.Mantra 2-2-5 of Mundakopanishad advises : 
 jAnatha AtmAnaM                  anya vAcO
 vimuMcathAmRutasyaiSha sEtu||Whether to heed to the advice
 of SrutimAta or not to heed is left to the reader.
 With warm and respectful regards,
Sreenivasa Murthy

Sreenivasa Murthy- PraNams.

In the final analysis your final statements applies  to your statements as well. mouna vyaakyaa prakatita para brahma... 

This discussion is only aimed at for turning the mind to the higher nature pointed out by the scriptures. 

yat vaachaa anabhyuditam yana vaak abhudyate, tat eva brahma tvam.....

Hari Om!

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