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 Sada ji,
 PraNAm. Thanks for the example.
 Just a thought - not sure if the interpretation is correct.
 The sarvajna:
 in that example indicates the "possession" of parA vidyA,
 and therefore I
 believe would have to be for mAyA vishishta chaitanyam, not
 for shuddha
Venkatraghavan - PraNAms

As Subbuji answered, the sarvavit will take care of vishiShTa chaitanyam - in the sense knowing everything with particulars - that constitute the apara vidya - which jiiva need not have to know to become a jnaani. 

Since separate word is used by the scriptures, and there is discussion before of para and apara vidya, sarvajna must indicate, as Sharkara comments, the saamaanya chaitanyam that pervades all the vishishTa chaitanyam, which can only be gained by wisdom eye or viveka by jiiva; and Paramaatma being the reflection in the pure satva, should be endowed with that knowledge. In a sense both refer to Iswaratvam. 

Hari Om!

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