[Advaita-l] Even a Buffalo can be saguṇa Brahman

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Hari Om,

The article says
"In Advaita, as taught by Shankaracharya and handed down in the tradition,
there is no strict prescription of such and such entity alone should be the
saguna Brahman."
"Since the aspirants' make-up can be varied, whichever method that suits
one is good enough.  Ultimately, one has to come to the Goal. Such means
are infinite. The means do not matter at that stage. "

Here are the points worth noting:
1. I listened to two Mahatmas saying that only those objects mentioned in
Sastra can be used for worship.  A person has a choice with in these
specified objects only.

For example salagrama stone can be worshiped as Vishnu. This is mentioned
in Sastra.
A skull dug up from grave-yard should not be used to worship as Vishnu as
this is not mentioned in Sastra.

2.  We should not mix up Vedanta and Vyavahara.
Vedanata is at  paramartha level, there is only reality - advaita, no
duality.  Here there is no worshiper and no worshiped.

3. Vyavahara happens only in duality. Even though the duality is illusory,
still duality cannot be ignored in Vyavahara.
If Devadatta has a mother, wife, sister and daughter, Devadatta should
maintain that distinction. Devadatta should not mix-up one with another.

4. Worship comes under Vyavahara. Vedanta should not be mixed up with
While worshiping, a person should follow relevant pramana. For example, if
a person is doing Chandi Homa, he should do the  homa as prescribed.  The
pramana can be Sastra or his guru or the book one is following.

-- durga prasad

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