[Advaita-l] Even a Buffalo can be saguṇa Brahman

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And one more point:

Bhagawan Sankaracharya says व्यवहारे भट्टनयः  (vyavahAre bhaTTanayaH).

-- durga prasad

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> Hari Om,
> Pranams.
> The article says
> "In Advaita, as taught by Shankaracharya and handed down in the tradition,
> there is no strict prescription of such and such entity alone should be the
> saguna Brahman."
> "Since the aspirants' make-up can be varied, whichever method that suits
> one is good enough.  Ultimately, one has to come to the Goal. Such means
> are infinite. The means do not matter at that stage. "
> Here are the points worth noting:
> 1. I listened to two Mahatmas saying that only those objects mentioned in
> Sastra can be used for worship.  A person has a choice with in these
> specified objects only.
> For example salagrama stone can be worshiped as Vishnu. This is mentioned
> in Sastra.
> A skull dug up from grave-yard should not be used to worship as Vishnu as
> this is not mentioned in Sastra.
> 2.  We should not mix up Vedanta and Vyavahara.
> Vedanata is at  paramartha level, there is only reality - advaita, no
> duality.  Here there is no worshiper and no worshiped.
> 3. Vyavahara happens only in duality. Even though the duality is illusory,
> still duality cannot be ignored in Vyavahara.
> If Devadatta has a mother, wife, sister and daughter, Devadatta should
> maintain that distinction. Devadatta should not mix-up one with another.
> 4. Worship comes under Vyavahara. Vedanta should not be mixed up with
> worship.
> While worshiping, a person should follow relevant pramana. For example, if
> a person is doing Chandi Homa, he should do the  homa as prescribed.  The
> pramana can be Sastra or his guru or the book one is following.
> Regards
> -- durga prasad
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>> An article on the above topic is available here for download:
>> http://www.mediafire.com/view/8v2ytlai8qtnxaa/Even_a_Buffalo_can_be_sagu%E1%B9%87a_Brahman_FP.pdf
>> regards
>> subbu
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