[Advaita-l] Vedantic bonus

akhanda akhanda at vsnl.com
Sat Apr 2 02:50:11 CDT 2016

I never expected to receive a bonus gift when I bought a Vedantic 
'product', that is to say, a book on Vedanta. But I did recently! :-)

When a guru bandhu told me that Shri Shankaraachaarya's text 'Vaakya 
Vrtti" talks exclusively about the mahaavaakyas, I decided to see if I 
can get myself a copy from the Ramakrishna Mission. To my pleasant 
surprise, I did find a copy, where earlier I had not seen this text at 
the Mission.

On opening the booking, to my further pleasant surprise, I found a text 
called "Atmajnanopadeshavidhi" which was included in the Vakya Vrtti 
book. On reading it, it appeared to be a saara of the Upadesa Saahasri, 
a volume I am very interested in understanding!

So this is one bonus that was totally unexpected and therefore doubly 
enjoyable! :-)

Anil (Gidwani)

P.S. The text itself states that it was composed by Shri 
Shankaraachaarya. Can anyone confirm that this is indeed a text by Shri 
Shankaraachaarya? So far, one reliable source has said that it is indeed 
considered to be a work by Shri Shankaraachaarya.

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