[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Be Ever Intent to Help

S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 2 14:45:32 CDT 2016

 (Around the beginning of the month, a nugget of Wisdom from the Jagadguru may be posted
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Man must clearly understand the course of life. Noboby can determine
what will happen to him tomorrow. Nothing is permanent. Hence, when
one is comfortably placed, he must have the inclination to donate at least
a little as charity. One should not amass everything to oneself callously
disregarding and denying succour to the needy. It is ideal to understand
others' plight and help the deserving even before help is sought.
This dharma will elevate the helper to a higher world. He will have
peace of mind and his punya will treble.
Some render help only when sought. Otherwise, they will remain quiet.
This is acceptable to some extent. But some will not help even if they are
aware of the suffering of others who seek help. They will turn a deaf ear
and ignore it. They are called adhamas or inferior people.
  uttamo.apraarthito datto madhyamaH praarthitaH punaH .
  yaachakairyaachyamaano.api datto na tvachamaachamaH ..
Some others promise to help, but seldom honour their promise and
turn away without offering anything. Their words have no value. A
poet compares them to roaring clouds that move away without yielding
a drop of rain and the one seeking help to a disappointed thirsty
chataka bird.
  uchchiikRRitagriivamaho mudhaiva kiM yaachase chaatakapota medham.h .
  atyuurjitaM garjitamaatramasmin.h ambhodhare bindulavastu duure ..
Hence, if an afflicted man earnestly prays, God himself will send a
person of helpful nature to save him.
We bless all to cultivate this unshakeable faith in God.

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