[Advaita-l] All Humans beings are part of Brahmn

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Source: Speaking Tree, TIMES, Author: Sh. Sh. Ananda Murti
Dear Friends,                       What is the best way to become stronger & more focussed ? Every one is not superhuman but one should think of the requirements to rise above our normal potential. In order to have super human powers one should have the Brahman Consciousness. Feelings of differentiation are  great obstacles to stop thinking of people as being this or that, he is a muslim, another hindu, get another brahmin or a jain or a christian. For all such identification comes from mean thoughts.                        When every living being is a manifestation of Brahmn, how can you know your self, without shedding these differentiating feelings?.No one is high & No one is Low. Off course, according to the one's virtues & Vices, one is Happy, miserable, rich, poor, One is a Fool & another is erudite.Here is one example from Mahabharata.When krishna was going to the King's palace to take food along with Yudhisthira & Duryodhana, On his way he went to Vidura's home to visit, but Vidura was not at home. Vidura's wife received krishna given arghya, paniya and started feeding the bananas. While the sage Vidura returned home and saw, Krishna sitting & his wife fully absorbed in her hospitality was feeding krishna the peel of the bananas. Krishna was eating so happily that it seems as If he had never tasted a more delicious food. Vidura was greatly troubled at the folly of his wife and asked what are you doing? you are feeding bananas skins to krishna, instead of banana fruit. Vidura's wife was taken back & started apologising. Vidura also implored, Oh! Lord thou hast taken a good many banana skins, do kindly oblige this poor woman by taking a few banana, but the Lord said Vidura! my stomach is full now, these bananas skin had such as exquisite favour that they could be no superior food for me rather than the royal dinner.  So long as your wife forgetting all differences was feeding him, I was not there, but Now the difference between the banana & its skin has intervened, I is there. 
The ultimate Conclusion was the supreme Brahmn resides within the feeling , I AM, situated amidst the concealed intuition of the mind. Our existance is in HIM.  Due to him , the perception of the world is possible, having created our EGO & scattered innumerable toys around us. He has hidden Himself among them, when we come to see him in all things created by him, our ego gets lost. The feeling of unit "  i shall be merged in the universal I".
Srigurupadaravindarpana Mastu
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