[Advaita-l] All Humans beings are part of Brahmn

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Rather *all beings* are part of brahman


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> Source: Speaking Tree, TIMES, Author: Sh. Sh. Ananda Murti
> Dear Friends,                       What is the best way to become
> stronger & more focussed ? Every one is not superhuman but one should think
> of the requirements to rise above our normal potential. In order to have
> super human powers one should have the Brahman Consciousness. Feelings of
> differentiation are  great obstacles to stop thinking of people as being
> this or that, he is a muslim, another hindu, get another brahmin or a jain
> or a christian. For all such identification comes from mean thoughts.
>                   When every living being is a manifestation of Brahmn, how
> can you know your self, without shedding these differentiating feelings?.No
> one is high & No one is Low. Off course, according to the one's virtues &
> Vices, one is Happy, miserable, rich, poor, One is a Fool & another is
> erudite.Here is one example from Mahabharata.When krishna was going to the
> King's palace to take food along with Yudhisthira & Duryodhana, On his way
> he went to Vidura's home to visit, but Vidura was not at home. Vidura's
> wife received krishna given arghya, paniya and started feeding the bananas.
> While the sage Vidura returned home and saw, Krishna sitting & his wife
> fully absorbed in her hospitality was feeding krishna the peel of the
> bananas. Krishna was eating so happily that it seems as If he had never
> tasted a more delicious food. Vidura was greatly troubled at the folly of
> his wife and asked what are you doing? you are feeding bananas skins to
> krishna, instead of banana fruit. Vidura's wife was taken back & started
> apologising. Vidura also implored, Oh! Lord thou hast taken a good many
> banana skins, do kindly oblige this poor woman by taking a few banana, but
> the Lord said Vidura! my stomach is full now, these bananas skin had such
> as exquisite favour that they could be no superior food for me rather than
> the royal dinner.  So long as your wife forgetting all differences was
> feeding him, I was not there, but Now the difference between the banana &
> its skin has intervened, I is there.
> The ultimate Conclusion was the supreme Brahmn resides within the feeling
> , I AM, situated amidst the concealed intuition of the mind. Our existance
> is in HIM.  Due to him , the perception of the world is possible, having
> created our EGO & scattered innumerable toys around us. He has hidden
> Himself among them, when we come to see him in all things created by him,
> our ego gets lost. The feeling of unit "  i shall be merged in the
> universal I".
> Srigurupadaravindarpana Mastu
> Thanks & regardsKamesh Dr. M.Kameswara RaoSenior Scientist, P&T
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