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Dear Friends,                       A Sutra from Ishavasya Upanishad goes like this:He who sees the entire world of animate & inanimate objects in himself and also sees himself in all animate & inanimate objects because of this , Does not hate any one and dissolves in Brahman. Dislike or hatred of another is the basis of deep-seated complications for the mankind. We all can easily observe that the poison of hatred becomes manifest in all his poisonous displays. Hatred means the desire to destroy the other, Love means being willing to sacrifice oneself for another If necessary.  Hatred means being willing to destroy another for oneself even if it is not necessary. In the way we all live , there is an abundance of hatred and no music of love.                                                                 The feeling which we call love is, in fact, a form hatred. In making love, we make another our means of happiness and no sooner does one make another means than hatred begins. The Ishavasya tells all of us a very important sutra which makes love possible and it describes that hatred will comes to an end only when a person begins to see himself in all animate & inanimate objects and begins to see all animate & inanimate objects - the whole existence in himself. Ishavasya also tell us that love all be born and at that time the hated will come to an end.                                            LOVE  is the nature of life, so it has neither birth or death just like a disciple serves his master or the relation between the  Sishya/sadhaka & Guru. The sutra is very simple and straight one who overcomes his ego and hatred less , can easily see him self in mirror with love or to be a mirror for all. It is the greatest alchemical art.The mystic union of the two opposites in self i.e the alchemical wedding results in Hermaphrodite i.e Lord shiva is going to be born in the human form which can be any god messenger which exist on today or the previous path makers of the self-realisation.                 Alchemical Wedding i.e., The union of god andgoddess manifested in ancient Egypt as Osiris and Isis, in Greece as Adonis andAphrodite, in Hinduism as Shiva and Shakti, in Buddhism as Tara andAvalokitesvara. The sacred marriage symbolizes the "mystical union ofopposites," with the bride representing the "incarnate self" andthe bridegroom representing the "disincarnate Self." The goddesssymbolizes the divine presence within the physical world while the godsymbolizes the transcendent spirit; the sacred marriage is necessary to unitethe physical and spiritual worlds in order to engender the fertility thatbrings forth life. 
Srigurupadaravindarpana Mastu 
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