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Reg  << Who is this Ishvara who dwells in every living entity?  >>,

Ishvara is sAkshi (upahita Brahman ).


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> ईश्बरः सर्बभुतानाम
> हृद्देशेऽर्जुन तिष्ठति
> भ्रामয়ण सर्बभुतानि
> यन्त्ररूঢ়ानि माয়য়ा।।-श्रीमद्भगबतगीता
> Who is this Ishvara who dwells in every living entity? If jeeva has free
> will then, why should Ishvara be controlling him? Jeeva performs action
> because of his samskara, avayasa and vasana as far as I know. Can this
> Ishvara be equated with those three insentient objects? Self is the
> shelter of objective universe.
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