[Advaita-l] If Jagat is Satya like Brahman

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Namaste Venkatesh Ji
" What is the difference between you and that dog's excreta?"

If I may be so bold as to answer your question with a question:
Who, or what is meant by the word "you"?

Does "you" refer to this being, the composite of body, mind and nature?
This is what, through avidya I spend most of the time believing myself to
In which case there is no difference - both the excreta and the "so-called"
self are simply forms of matter.

Or does "you" refer to the True Self?
In that case, the body-composite and the excreta cannot be said to be "It"
but merely name-and-form not different in composition to "It", but not
If everything perceived by the senses is Brahman then there are countless
millions of Brahmans - that is not advaita.

Brahman is unmanifest.
The "sameness" is in the essence, not in the manifestation.
For one thing, I smell slightly better than the excreta so already there is
a distinction and the claim of "sameness" cannot be applied.

Yours in Truth

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> Namaste
> Everything is Brahman and Jagat is also Brahman. Therefore Jagat is
> Satya only not Mithya. Everything in the world is Satya and Brahman
> only. This argument will have objection by Dvaitis like this. If
> everything is Brahman and Satya the dog's excreta lying in the street
> is also Satya and Brahman. What is the difference between you and that
> dog's excreta? You both are the same.
> Therefore to avoid becoming same as dog's excreta we have to say Jagat
> and everything in Jagat is Mithya. Dog's excreta is also Mithya only.
> It is not Satya. But Sruti has said Tat Tvam Asi and Aham Brahmasmi.
> Therefore I am not Mithya. I am Brahman. I am Satya.
> --
> Regards
> -Venkatesh
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