[Advaita-l] If Jagat is Satya like Brahman

H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 09:22:28 CDT 2016

Sri Ryan,

Reg  << To pose a further question which may help my understanding:
Is it correct to say that that difference exists in vyavahAra but not in
Or am I confusing the terms and applying them incorrectly? >>,

ParamArtha is not merely something to be understood. Mere understanding
makes no difference to a person. It is something to be “attained” ( word to
be suitably understood in the advaitic sense. Deliberating on this itself
will only be diverting attention from the topic under consideration ). Till
that time, dvaitam is the truth (vyavaharika sathya). Difference is the
truth. It is experienced all the time and its truth is intuitively
effortlessly involuntarily imbibed in all our activities.. How to handle
this difference in order to reach the Goal of paramArtha is what the
sAdhaka should be concerned  about. Not just unduly be debating whether
difference is real or not, whether it is vyavahara or paramartha etc.
Shastras prescribe the means to handle this difference so as to reach the
goal ultimately.Regular study of the shastras helps in understanding the
nature of this Goal and always having it at the back of our minds thus
enabling this handling of difference to reach the Goal.



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