[Advaita-l] If Jagat is Satya like Brahman

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 Pranams Sri Sadananda

I like your response. If the Dvaiti asks a scientist if everything is
electrons, neutrons and protons why he will not eat garbage but eat
food what will scientist say? He will say yes everything is electrons,
neutrons and protons but from practical Vyavahara view garbage and
food are not the same.

 Another thing is when someone says dog's excreta is Brahman he is
putting a restriction on Brahman. Brahman is not only dog's excreta
but it is the road where the dog's excreta is lying. Brahman is the
city where the road is existing. Brahman is the country where the city
is existing. Brahman is the Earth where the country is existing.
Brahman is the Solar System where Earth is existing. Brahman is Galaxy
where Solar System is existing and Brahman is the entire Universe
where all Galaxies are existing. If Brahman is everything it is wrong
to say only one or two things are Brahman and say they are not
different. It is bad logic Kutarka.

On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 4:39 PM, kuntimaddi sadananda
<kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com> wrote:
> PraNAms
> If I say - everything is nothing but electrons-protons-neutrons - these are being fundamental particles - then, garbage is also made up of the same fundamental particles and so is the delicious food on the table. Just because they are fundamentally the same, does not mean that one should not discriminate the stinking garbage from the delicious food. The differences are at the package level with names, attributes, utilities etc,  being different. Dvaitins have problem in understanding these fundamental truth. Everything including dog,s excrete is Brahman only - but as adhishtaanam - that includes even the dvaitins. Brahman being infinite cannot exclude anything.
> Mithya involves - that which undergoes changes - as Goudapaada - illustrates in the vaitatya prakaranam. Brahman cannot undergo change - because it is infinite. Yet Brahman cannot but be the adhishtaanam for everything - that includes dog's excreta and dvatins.
> Krishna first discusses in 10th chapter - vibhuuti - all glorified things - saying in the end that unlimited are His glories.  In the next chapter, 11, He shows that not only good things but even bad things are also part of his vishwaruupa - we have one side gods and the other side all demons too, since being Brahman, he cannot exclude anything. Arjuna was afraid of the scene. The fact  is nothing REALLY in Brahman. Hence the statements - mastaani sarva bhuutani and immediately Krishna says - na cha mastaani bhuutani.
> Everything including the dog's excreta is Brahman only yet from Brahman point nothing or no-thing is Brahman. There are no dvaitins in Brahman! It is a-dvaita!
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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>  Namaste
>  Everything is Brahman and Jagat is also Brahman. Therefore
>  Jagat is
>  Satya only not Mithya. Everything in the world is Satya and
>  Brahman
>  only. This argument will have objection by Dvaitis like
>  this. If
>  everything is Brahman and Satya the dog's excreta lying in
>  the street
>  is also Satya and Brahman. What is the difference between
>  you and that
>  dog's excreta? You both are the same.
>  Therefore to avoid becoming same as dog's excreta we have to
>  say Jagat
>  and everything in Jagat is Mithya. Dog's excreta is also
>  Mithya only.
>  It is not Satya. But Sruti has said Tat Tvam Asi and Aham
>  Brahmasmi.
>  Therefore I am not Mithya. I am Brahman. I am Satya.
>  --
>  Regards
>  -Venkatesh
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