[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

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Thu Apr 14 06:08:50 CDT 2016

6. From Substantive point - jagat or another other including avidya and these discussions cannot be different from Brahman, while from appearances point the appearances are mithyaa and world and these discussions too continuously changing. 

7. Any mithyaa has to have a substantive that is changeless and in this case it is Brahman only - that includes even avidyaa too.

Hare Krishna

Like jagat,  Jeeva as such (with his upAdhi-s, without upAdhi saMbandha there is no jeeva as such ) too changing over the period of time, dehinOsmin yathA dehe kaumAraM yauvanaM jara tathA dehAntara prAptihi so jeeva's upAdhi is subject to continuous change hence he (sOpAdhika jeeva)  is also mithya but his substantive which is changeless is satya in that sense, jeeva (upAdhi)  too mithya it is not brahman in jeevO brahmaiva.  Jagat is continuously changing in vyAkrutAvyAkruta rUpa, no svapna prapancha in waking, no waking prapancha in svapna neither svapna prapancha nor jaagrat prapancha in upAdhi upashAnta jeeva in sushupti but what is seen as jagat in jaagrat in vyAkruta rUpa for which adhishtAnaM is brahman only hence like jeeva in its adhishtAna (causal form)  jagat too brahman only.  Impartial surgery of both jeeva and jagat leads us to substantive brahman only nothing else.  Under this scenario, the famous vAkya traya to be : brahma satya jagat satya jeevo brahmaiva na aparaH...pUrNamidaM, pUrNamadaM pUrNAt pUrNamudachyate, pUrNasya pUrNamAdAya pUrNam eva avashishyate says upanishad shanti mantra.

Hari hari hari Bol!!!

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