[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

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Wed Apr 13 12:57:29 CDT 2016

Viswanathji - PraNAms

Most of the discussion is just repetitive and useless. 

The facts are really simple.

1. Brahman being infinite-ness is one without a second and with no sajaati, vijaati swagata bhedas. Infinity cannot have parts as dvatins and adviatins subscribe, since it is infinite. 

2. Since jiiva-jagat appears to be there as the presence of this very discussion proves and the list serve proves, the appearances cannot be absolutely real since it violates the first statement, and Brahman ceases to be Brahman or infinite-ness. Hence appearances are only name-sake or naama and ruupa - ruupa stands for attributive content and naama involves the naming, that inturn involves knowing, which inturn involves conscious-existent entity - Brahman as Vedanta say prajnaanam brahma. 

3. Since the world is experienced - it is not asat as in vandhyaaputraH. It is not Sat since it violates the proposition 1. Hence all appearances are mithyaa only - sat asat vilakshanam.

4. From Brahman point there is no discussion. Na vaak gacchati na manaH.

5. The discussion is only from Jiiva point. The  ignorant thinks the world is real and Vedanta says it is only naama ruupatmaka with Brahman as the material cause or substantive - yatova imaani bhutaani jaayante...

6. From Substantive point - jagat or another other including avidya and these discussions cannot be different from Brahman, while from appearances point the appearances are mithyaa and world and these discussions too continuously changing. 

7. Any mithyaa has to have a substantive that is changeless and in this case it is Brahman only - that includes even avidyaa too. 

8.The ignorant one takes the appearances as real even though they are changing; and tries to get eternal unlimited happiness from the changing world,  and therefore miserably fails. While world has utility, transactability, namability, etc but no STABILITY. 

9. Jnaani understands through Vedanta that the changing world is not really real and only apparently real but the changeless substratum is real and is Brahman which is not different from one's own self. Hence can play the drama of life as best as he can knowing very well it is only a drama. ajnanai takes the roles as real and does not know how to play properly while being on the stage - and thus suffers. 

End of the story. 

Hari Om!
Surely everything is Brahman including this Jagat and hence even this Jagatis very much real.What is Maya or illusion is this  basic thought " I "  which  makes you feel you are differentfrom others (the jagat) and makes you believe that you are the 'doer and enjoyer'.Because of this "I" , the feeling  'mine' and all desires and fears leading to all sufferings. So this 'I' ( mere a thought) is the basic illusion  which is cause for the wholelots of illusions.


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