[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

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> Namaste Srinath ji,
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>> In the spirit of jumping from one reference to the other, I agree with you
>> in calling adhyaasa "jagat" as mithya. In the same we should also call
>> "Jiva" as mithya as the notion of jIvahood is equally adhyAsa over the
>> same
>> adhishTAnaM. Then statement would be -- brahma satya jagan mithyA jeeva
>> mithyA ubhyOr brahmaiva na aparaH.
>> Why not the same treatment to jIva is given?
> We're back to square one! In the spirit of jumping, we have somehow jumped
> back to the beginning of the first thread in about 250 odd mails here!! :)

> The jIva misunderstands himself as the superimposed part of jagat, that
> makes up the body mind sense complex (BMSC), while he is really brahman.

Jiva does not misunderstands that way, but rather Jiva is the result of
misunderstanding. Essentially this take us back to the original question
(Sri.Ramanuja questions in His srIbhAshya) -- who is having avidya? jIva is
having avidya? or jIva itself is the result of avidya?

> Somehow the crucial point is amiss that BMSC *is* jagat. The jIvatva is
> really the erroneous notion of individuality. While the individual
> considers the part of jagat, that is BMSC, which he associates with as
> himself, he doesn't have the same problem with the rest of the jagat. Thats
> why jagat appears to be as separate from one's own BMSC. However, BMSC is
> as much jagat as the outside jagat is and therefore as mithyA as jagat.
> Therefore, brahma satya jaganmithyA is saying that jIva's association with
> mithyA jagat is an error, jIva is brahman.
When jIvatva is BMSC and BMSC is mithya, then what else is left in BMSC for
you to say jIva is brahman?

Correct way to say is Jiva/BMSC is mithya while only chid part of former
Jiva/BMSC is Brahman. This is the essence of bhAgatyAga nyAya as applied to
tattvam asi.


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