[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Thu Apr 28 05:30:32 CDT 2016

praNAms Sri Shashwata Chowdhury  prabhuji
Hare Krishna

final verdict!! from which side you are expecting this final verdict??

/// Either side is fine. Now the question arise, who will be the judge? - We need a neutral third party and also a prominent scholar who is far more experienced in Advaitic tradition than us. Finding one is difficult but not impossible.

Ø   You suggest a neutral judge, moderators would look at its possibility ☺

For that matter, shankara himself uses same shruti vAkya-s again and again at various places to insist certain points.

/// Sir, your word jugglery is not Shruti, neither I can consider it as a commentary of Shruti. As simple as that. You are not Shankara, therefore, relating this repetitive debate with Shankara's repetition doesn't help that much. What are you trying to prove? By pointing out Shankara's repetitive assertions of shruti vakyas , you are trying to establish the fact that what you are doing is as legit as Shankara? Ohkay! :)

Ø   I said repetition is necessary in the discussion like this to maintain the consistency in presenting our views. And I said repetition is part of the mananaM in adhyAtmika sAdhana.    As you know repetition is not one way traffic here atleast in this discussion ☺ And I have not claimed that my word jugglery is on par with shankara and shruti have I anywhere prabhuji??

 If this is not satisfies you & if you are tired  of seeing the repetitive mails, you always have the 'delete' button in your key board, press it and get rid of the trouble of reading monotonous mails, simple is it not?? :-)/// I want to see a conclusion or what you can term as- "a decision". That is why I am still hanging around here. A spectator can expect that much. I hope you understand.

Ø   I have addressed the practical problems involved in neutral reader’s expectation.

Just one question my good sir! - Is the universe or Jagat an independent entity? If yes- Jagat is Satyam. If no- Please list your reasons and analysis based on this next question of mine- Why should jagat be Satyam?

Ø   I donot want to bind you & confuse with my word jugglery any more prabhuji.  So kindly excuse me,  I donot know the answer to your questions.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

PS:  I thought by mistake you addressed your mail directly to me, hence marking a copy to list also.

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