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In the Kaṭhopaniṣat bhāṣya 2.4.1, Shankaracharya has cited the following

‘यच्चाप्नोति यदादत्ते यच्चात्ति विषयानिह ।
यच्चास्य सन्ततो भावयस्तस्मादात्मेति कीर्त्यते ||’  and said:
इत्यात्मशब्दव्युत्पत्तिस्मरणात् ।
Editors have specified the reference to the verse as Linga puranam
1.70.96.  However, while trying to map this verse in that puranam I found
the verse rendered there with a variation thus:
यदाप्नोति यदादत्ते यचात्ति  विषयानयम् ।
यच्चास्य स्ततं भावस्तस्मादात्मा निरुच्यते ॥ १.७०.९६
Madhvacharya in the Gitabhashya 11.37 has also  cited the verse, exactly in
the same manner as Shankaracharya:
'यच्चाप्नोति यदादत्ते यच्चात्ति विषयानिह। यच्चास्य सन्ततो
भावस्तस्मादात्मेति भण्यते' इति।

I request scholars to help me locate the verse with the above reading.

Thanks and regards

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