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I verified the commentary of Sri Madhvacharya and Sri Madhva says this
verse is present in the Mahabharata. Since he is explicit about it,
the Mahabharata, rather than the Linga purana could be the actual
source of this verse. It is not uncommon for purANas to borrow verses
from the Mahabharata and adopt variant readings. And it is not
uncommon for the different versions of the Mahabharata itself to have
slightly variant readings.

I will check the critical edition of the Mahabharata to find out
whether this verse occurs anywhere. However, don't be surprised if
this verse does not occur in the critical edition of the present day.
I have seen some instances where an ancient commentator quotes from
the Mahabharata and these quoted verses do not appear in the present
day critical edition. Probably these could be lost verses. Or another
possibility is, (as Vishnu Sukthankar says), the ancient commentators
quoted from their local versions of the Mahabharata, whereas the
critical edition takes into account all versions of the Mahabharata
(geographically speaking).

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> In the Kaṭhopaniṣat bhāṣya 2.4.1, Shankaracharya has cited the following
> verse:

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