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In the bhAshya of Madhva, the word "bhArate" is repeated twice, first time
to refer to the first quote and second time to refer to the second. The
word "iti" separates both quotes. To me it is therefore clear that Madhva
is saying both quotes are from Mbh. The second quote is from Mbh. 1.1.21 in
critical edition. First quote, I am still trying to trace.

The online English translation also says that the first quote is from Mbh,
but curiously says the second quote is from bhagavatam.


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> > I verified the commentary of Sri Madhvacharya and Sri Madhva says this
> > verse is present in the Mahabharata. Since he is explicit about it,
> > the Mahabharata,
> Even I thought, before posting, that Madhva says it is from the MB by
> seeing the last word there:
> Sanskrit Commentary By Sri Madhavacharya:
> ।।11.37 -- 11.40।।कथं स्थाने इति तदाह -- कस्मादित्यादिना। पूर्णश्चासावात्मा
> चेति महात्मा। आत्मशब्दश्चोक्तो भारते -- यच्चाप्नोति यदादत्ते यच्चात्ति
> विषयानिह। यच्चास्य सन्ततो भावस्तस्मादात्मेति भण्यते इति। तत्परं सदसतः
> परम्।असच्च
> सच्चैव च यद्विश्वं सदसतः परम्। [म.भा.1।1।23] इति भारते।

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