[Advaita-l] Dvaita Accepts Body Adhyāsa

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>> You are saying as if the Bhrama is really there in the Self. If it is
>> really there in Self it will be Svabhava.
>> But if Bhrama is not really there it cannot be Svabhava.
> Essentially what you are saying is that one having bhramA (of self as same
> body) itself is a bhramA. Now same question -- where is this second bhramA
> coming from? You are on your way of nice anavasthA.

I am not saying having the Bhrama itself is a Bhrama. You are saying
that. You think you lost a necklace and search for it everywhere and
find it on your neck. Will you not say the necklace being lost itself
is a wrong idea? It was never lost. Now you cannot say thinking the
necklace as lost is wrong itself is wrong. Where is Anavastha here?

>> >
>> > Btw, one wonders why does advaitins interested in anAdi argument when
>> > time
>> > itself is mithya according to them? In other words, notion of "time" is
>> > not
>> > possible unless you have adhyAsa. You cannot have adhyAsa from anAdi
>> > times
>> > argument unless you have notion of "time".
>> Time is existing only for Vyavaharika purposes. The instruction of
>> Guru is happening in Vyavhara only. Therefore we accept time. But in
>> Brahman stage there is no time.
> When nature of adhyAsa is being debated, bringing in vyavahAra (which is the
> result of adhyAsa) to justify argument for adhyAsa/bhramA -- is an case of
> aatmAShrya flaw.

Without Adhyasa we cannot even have a discussion of Adhyasa because
words and thoughts are result of Adhyasa. Will this mean there is
Atmashraya flaw? No.
In a dream someone may say to you 'This is a dream'. There is no Atmashraya.

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