[Advaita-l] Dvaita Accepts Body Adhyāsa

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> I am not saying having the Bhrama itself is a Bhrama. You are saying
> that. You think you lost a necklace and search for it everywhere and
> find it on your neck. Will you not say the necklace being lost itself
> is a wrong idea? It was never lost. Now you cannot say thinking the
> necklace as lost is wrong itself is wrong. Where is Anavastha here?

We can have another analogy:

In a dream I have a rope-snake illusion.  After the dream I can definitely
say: That I had an illusion is also a bhrama.  This is because the dream
itself is a bhrama.  There is no anavasthā here since it stops there.

> > When nature of adhyAsa is being debated, bringing in vyavahAra (which is
> the
> > result of adhyAsa) to justify argument for adhyAsa/bhramA -- is an case
> of
> > aatmAShrya flaw.

In a dream it is not that the people, objects, etc. first appear and then
time element comes later; everything appears simultaneously, just like in
the waking where an afternoon event is happening in the afternoon setting.
There is no ātmāshraya here.



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