[Advaita-l] Understanding Reality in the Vision of Advaita Vedanta

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In Advaita Siddhi,  Śrī Madhusudana Sarasvatī has explained 5 meanings of
mithyā. Śrī Anand Hudli ji has explained 3 meanings in his translation of
Advaita Siddhi. Śrī Vidyārāṇya Svāmī in Panchadaśī has also explained
mithyā as which is not completely true nor completely false.

Has anyone compiled the list of these definitions in simple words? mithyā
is the most talked about and unique principle of advaita and IMO deserves a
separate page.



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> Namaste
> I heard some Buddhist theory has accepted Dependent Arising. All
> things in the world are dependent on something. There is no
> independent thing.
> But in Advaita a Mithya Vastu is accepted as Illusion only. It is like
> a snake illusion of rope. This is the correct meaning of Mithyaatva.
> Advaita is not saying dependent reality is Mithya.
> Probably we can say Dvaitis borrowed the dependent reality idea from
> Buddhists. They converted the sentence Nothing is independent reality
> in the world to Everything in the world is dependent reality and God
> alone is Independent reality.

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