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>> advaitam chaturtam manyante sa aatmaa -sa vijneyaH.
>> Those who are not convinced about the nature of reality - let them be -
>> Variety is the part of Vibhuti of the Lord
>> In the final analysis - Dattatreya says - Iswaranugrahat eva pumsaam
>> advaita vaasanaa
>> Should we care if Dwiata accepts deha adhyaasa or not?
> I agree, we should not care whether Dvaitins accepts dehAtma adhyAsa or
> not. It seems, the original poster is attempting to reconcile DvaitAdviata
>  by forcefully imposing Advaitic idea on Dvaitns illegitimately

There is no force in showing that deha adhyāsa is admitted by the Dvaitin.
The Vijayadhwaja commentary to the Bhāgavatam is explicit: jaḍaśarīram


 Also, the Pejawar Swamiji's statement that it is a bhrama is also
explicit.  Bhrama is not an Advaitic idea.


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