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praNAms Sri Aurobind Padiyath prabhuji
Hare Krishna

For the AjnAni it is Sathya Vyavahara where as for the Jnani it is Mithya Krta.

>  The slightly different way of saying this is : for the ajnAni this vyavahAra is satya only in avidyA drushti, parichinna drushti, because here ajnAni thinks that he is kartru, this jagat is karma bhUmi and Ishwara is karma phala dAta.  This triputi vyavahAra is due to his wrong thinking that he is pramAtru.  Where as in the jnAni this triputi vyavahAra will not be there, his realization is not like he is sAkshi and from that sAkshi view point whatever he see is mithyA.  For him everything is Atmameva i.e. including his 'socalled' vyavahAra.  Hence shankara said sarva vikArANAM, sarva vyavahArANAM sadrumameva satyameva etc. So what is mithyA here according to jnAni, prior wrong thinking that he is pramAtru, prior wrong thinking that this jagat is different from me.  This parichinna drushti and parichinnatva is avidyA kalpita mithyA prapancha which is conspicuous by its absence in the jnAni.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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