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Hare Krishna

Yes, it is a difficult vAda to accept.

Ø   Yes, avidyAvanta jeeva srushti of jagat vAda is very difficult to accept since it is shruti / bhAshya bAhira & illogical not according to me according to shankara himself.

This vAda, however, is not contrary to ShAnkara advaita - HH Sri Abhinava VidyAtIrtha MahAswAmigal would not have endorsed DSV if it was.

Ø   DSV can be attributed to second stint of creation, which I have been talking about i.e. ‘jeeva mAnasa pratyaya or avidyA kalpita jagat. It is purely his own creation and others too have their own creation.  Having said this I am not endorsing SDV from the stand point of jeeva either.  Anyway, that is a different issue altogether.

This excerpt is from the book "Exalting Elucidations" (pp.280f):

Then, what is creation?

His Holiness:
Perception alone is creation. There is no creation other than perception.
Perception of a thing is its origination.

What about Ishvara?

His Holiness:
He too is a part of your dream. In reality, there is neither cause nor
effect. One has bondage as long as one considers that one has bondage. He
who feels that he is free is indeed free. That is why it has been said: "He
who considers himself liberated is a liberated one. He who feels that he has
bondage is bound" (Ashtavakra Gita 1.11.). Therefore, one should remove the
wrong impression that one has bondage.

Is the removal of the wrong idea that one has bondage the means to attain

His Holiness:
Yes. So far, I was speaking with the drshti-srshti-vada
(perception-is-creation view) in mind. This, however, is not suitable for
many people because their minds are not pure enough to imbibe it. People
accept that the dream state is unreal. However, if told that the waking
state is equally unreal, they would feel disturbed. On hearing, "The waking
state is on par with the dream state" some may decide that dreams too are
real! That is why the shastra-s do not speak much of the drshti-srshti-vada."

Ø     So prabhuji, from this should we have to understand, DSV is the highest teaching of Advaita / up.  And meant for only few uttama adhikAri-s??  From the plain reading of the above I don’t think there is  much difference between above observation and that of vijnAna vAda.  Ofcourse, if it is mere my own perception, why should I perceive that I donot want to perceive outside??  Most important thing here is, it is in our anubhava that this jagat is not the creation of ours and we are in the jagat created by Ishwara and we are playing our part in it.  If I would have the creation power or imagination, as I said earlier I would have done it in a better way and I would have granted mOksha to every avidyA jeeva instantly ☺ Anyway, what about ajAta vAda to which category of the sAdhaka-s this vAda will suit??

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!


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