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No problem, Bhaskar ji. You are of course free to accept whichever prakriya
appeals most to you.

Thank you.


On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 1:31 PM, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:

> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> Yes, it is a difficult vAda to accept.
> Ø   Yes, avidyAvanta jeeva srushti of jagat vAda is very difficult to
> accept since it is shruti / bhAshya bAhira & illogical not according to me
> according to shankara himself.
> This vAda, however, is not contrary to ShAnkara advaita - HH Sri Abhinava
> VidyAtIrtha MahAswAmigal would not have endorsed DSV if it was.
> Ø   DSV can be attributed to second stint of creation, which I have been
> talking about i.e. ‘jeeva mAnasa pratyaya or avidyA kalpita jagat. It is
> purely his own creation and others too have their own creation.  Having
> said this I am not endorsing SDV from the stand point of jeeva either.
> Anyway, that is a different issue altogether.
> This excerpt is from the book "Exalting Elucidations" (pp.280f):
> "Disciple:
> Then, what is creation?
> His Holiness:
> Perception alone is creation. There is no creation other than perception.
> Perception of a thing is its origination.
> Disciple:
> What about Ishvara?
> His Holiness:
> He too is a part of your dream. In reality, there is neither cause nor
> effect. One has bondage as long as one considers that one has bondage. He
> who feels that he is free is indeed free. That is why it has been said:
> "He
> who considers himself liberated is a liberated one. He who feels that he
> has
> bondage is bound" (Ashtavakra Gita 1.11.). Therefore, one should remove
> the
> wrong impression that one has bondage.
> Disciple:
> Is the removal of the wrong idea that one has bondage the means to attain
> moksha?
> His Holiness:
> Yes. So far, I was speaking with the drshti-srshti-vada
> (perception-is-creation view) in mind. This, however, is not suitable for
> many people because their minds are not pure enough to imbibe it. People
> accept that the dream state is unreal. However, if told that the waking
> state is equally unreal, they would feel disturbed. On hearing, "The
> waking
> state is on par with the dream state" some may decide that dreams too are
> real! That is why the shastra-s do not speak much of the
> drshti-srshti-vada."
> Ø     So prabhuji, from this should we have to understand, DSV is the
> highest teaching of Advaita / up.  And meant for only few uttama
> adhikAri-s??  From the plain reading of the above I don’t think there is
>  much difference between above observation and that of vijnAna vAda.
> Ofcourse, if it is mere my own perception, why should I perceive that I
> donot want to perceive outside??  Most important thing here is, it is in
> our anubhava that this jagat is not the creation of ours and we are in the
> jagat created by Ishwara and we are playing our part in it.  If I would
> have the creation power or imagination, as I said earlier I would have done
> it in a better way and I would have granted mOksha to every avidyA jeeva
> instantly J Anyway, what about ajAta vAda to which category of the
> sAdhaka-s this vAda will suit??
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar

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