[Advaita-l] Litmus Test for a Jnaani.

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Litmus test for jnaani.

In the previous post we mentioned that others cannot know if I am realized or not. However there is litmus test one can take to check if one has realized or not. This is to test oneself not others. This test has been discussed in the Chandogya Up. in the 6th Chapter, where the famous quote – tat tvam asi – statement occurs.

The teacher, Uddaalaka tells his son Swetaketu – a story related to this.  Once the security people arrested a person and brought him to the King to decide. They said there was a theft, and no one knows who was a thief. The circumstantial evidence points out to this person as the thief, but he denies it. Hence we brought him to you to decide. 

The king asked the person, whether he was the thief who stole things. The fellow said that he was not. Then the King ordered to bring a red-hot iron rod and asked him to touch it with bare hands. The king said, if you are telling the truth, then your hands will not burn when you touch the red-hot iron. If the hands burn, then it implies that you are not telling the truth. That means you are a thief and therefore you will be severely punished. Thus he will get double punishments – one getting his hands burned and the other the further imprisonment by the king. If your hands do not get burned, it implies that you are telling the truth and therefore you are not the thief.   We will honor you and also provide compensation for arresting you and giving inconvenience. This test is prescribed in the context of self-realization. Hence one can take this test to check if one has realized or not – that is by touching a red-hot iron. If you think you have realized then your hands will not get burned, otherwise they will. 

Now any volunteers to check if they are realized or not?

The implication of the test is a realized person will not get burned when he touches or transacts with the red-hot burning world. He will be immune to the ups and downs of the happenings in the world since he knows everything is just mithyaa or not really real. If one is getting burned while transacting in the world, it is clear litmus test that one is not a  jnaani  or jnaana-nishita. Bhagavan Ramana calls this as dRiDaiva nishTa or firm abidance in the knowledge of I am. Those who have the knowledge and still get slightly feels the heat of the world, implies that they have still remnant raaga-dweshaas or likes and dislikes that affect his transactions in the world. The scripture recommends for him constant nidhidhyaasana or constant remembrance of his real status and the unreal status of the world. 

Hence Krishna says that for stitaprajna: 

duHkeshu anudvigna maanaH sukheshu vigata spRuhaH|
veeta raaga bhaya krodhaH sthitadheeH muniruchyate|
He is unaffected by the turmoil in the world. Jnaani will see the world either as mithyaa or Iswara Vibhutti or his own vibhuuti. 

Hari Om!

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