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> Dears
> The dream state is exclusive to only the perceiver of the dream.Waking state is common to all.That is all jivas see the same sun or the same scenery as objects though there perceptions of what is seen may be different as per their assessments.So are we right in concluding that both are the same as per vedantha?My question is ,though it is true when the perceiver ceases to exist ,the vyavaharik world does not exist as far as he is concerned as it happens when the dreamer wakes up his dream does not exist for him but for other jivas the world outside exists.How we can say that that Delhi does not exist when someone from Delhi moves out of Delhi and goes to London.What I seek to know how we can say both dream state and waking state are grouped together in the category of mithya.R.Krishnamoorthy.

There is no proof for others existing in Waking. Can you give
guarantee proof your own family is really existing or they are only
seen by you like in a dream? There is no proof for anybody in this 7
billion people world is really there. There is one proof only. You can
say you are existing. You cannot have doubt in your own existing and
living. Therefore why are you asking how dream is different from
waking. It is not different. All you are seeing in waking and thinking
it is different from dream is not different.

Your question on Delhi is not correct. In a dream you are staying in
Delhi. In that dream only you can catch a flight to London and go to
London. In that same dream will you start thinking Delhi is not there
now because I am in London? No you will not think like that. Therefore
why do you think like that in waking? Think like in a dream.

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