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Namaste Chandramouliji,

Apologies if I'm talking out of turn, but here's my understanding--

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Anandji said:

> In this method, as it is made
> clear, there is no need to understand the "tat" pada as in "tat tvam asi".
> Just understanding the "tvam" pada is enough! What else could be a better
> shortcut, the choradvAra, the back door  access to Brahman? >> ,
Chandramouliji said:

>   and only one word
> namely the "tat" pada need be understood for Realization. And that Swami
> Vidyaranya considers such an understanding as a shortcut, the choradvAra,
> the back door  access to Brahman.
Not the tat, but the tvam-pada...

  It is very difficult to accept such an interpretation of  anubhUti
> prakAsha.  I hope I have not misunderstood or misrepresenting your view. If
> so please excuse me and correct my understanding.

When tat tvam asi is told by the teacher to the disciple, the latter
understands it as aham tat (jagatkAraNaM)/ brahma asmi. Here, I think what
is said is that import of the three padas can be put together directly in
the tvam pada itself, when tvam/ aham is directly understood as
mithyAjagatkAraNam. The logic is that any knowledge that brings the
understanding of one's own svarUpa clearly is mokshakAraka, be it via the
asi pada of svarUpa-equality between tat and tvam followed by
jahadajahallakSaNa or via tvam pada itself as svarUpa.

--Praveen R. Bhat
/* Through what should one know That owing to which all this is known!
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