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Just a thought ..

doesn't Advaita accept both paramArtha and vyavahArika standpoints ?

Is there a contention in below topic, from Advaitic view?


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> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> Very interesting dialogue between HH and disciple.  It would have been
> more interesting if the question of ‘Ishwara’s vision’ has been extended to
> paramArtha jnAni also.  Can a paramArtha jnAni with his parabhakti,  have a
> ‘darshana’ of the Ishwara and talk to him??  If yes, is he not the
> custodian of Advaita jnana which says Ishwara and jagat both are mithya and
> kevala vyavahArika satya??  How can a jnAni sees another embodied
> consciousness like Ishwara who  can talk and ‘react’ differently to the
> jnAni as if he is a separate entity??  Kindly let me know whether HH
> anywhere clarified these issues in the light of Advaita paramArtha jnana??
> Don’t we see in traditional stand that both Ishwara and jagat is ‘kevala’
> jeeva srushti atleast according to some  ??
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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> Dialogue with acharya. ( Jagadguru Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha Swamiji of
> Sringeri)  l4 "ISHWARA"
> D: Some people get a doubt as to whether Īśvara really exists or
> not. This is because they are unable to see Him. Cannot
> Īśvara, by some Dialogue with acharyal "ISHWARA"
> D: Some people get a doubt as to whether Īśvara really exists or
> not. This is because they are unable to see Him. Cannot
> Īśvara, by some means, reveal to them His existence so as to
> induce śraddhā (faith) in them?
> A: Īśvara Himself seems to have been caught in a fix. If He were
> to give darśana to them, He would have to assume some
> form. On seeing the form, people may say, “You have a
> form. Therefore, you are not omnipresent and cannot be
> Īśvara.” If He does not give them darśana by assuming a
> form, they may say, “We do not see Īśvara. Hence, there is
> no Īśvara.” Thus, there are some people who will not believe
> in Īśvara regardless of whether He takes a form or not. In
> this situation, what indeed can Īśvara do? Variety is the
> nature of the world. We have the group of atheists also. Faith
> in Īśvara can be induced and further developed, but there is
> no use in attempting to induce it by force. Arguments could
> be advanced and the true experiences of many devotees
> could be cited. Many wonderful incidents that have taken
> place could be narrated. What has been made known in the
> śāstra-s could be quoted. Still, if one does not believe that
> Īśvara exists, what can be done?
> D: Can a devotee see Īśvara?
> A: You mean with form?
> D: Yes.�
> A: Īśvara, though without form, can take one for the sake of His
> devotees. If we have limitless devotion, we can definitely see
> Īśvara’s form. There is no doubt at all about this.
> D: Does Acharyal mean that one can see Īśvara’s form mentally
> or that one can perceive Him even with the eyes?
> A: Īśvara is capable of giving darśana both ways.
> D: Does Acharyal say that He can be seen, talked to and
> touched?
> A: Yes. If there is pure devotion, Īśvara is sure to reveal
> Himself. When He does appear, why cannot one talk with
> Him?
> D: Can this happen even in this kaliyuga?
> A: What link is there between a devoted person seeing Īśvara
> and the kaliyuga?
> D: Who can get Īśvara’s vision?
> A: He who longs exclusively for Īśvara can see Him. Limitless
> devotion compels Īśvara to come to us.
> D: How can one know whether the experience one had in
> connection with Īśvara is real or not?
> A: For him, who has had a real experience, such a doubt will
> not arise , reveal to them His existence so as to
> induce śraddhā (faith) in them?
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