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Thu Nov 10 23:23:16 CST 2016

Hare Krishna
doesn't Advaita accept both paramArtha and vyavahArika standpoints ?

Ø   Yes, but the question is, does the vyAvahArika satya has an independent existence apart from pAramArthika satya??  I don’t think so because pAramArthika satya ‘is_not’ an avasthAteeta vyavahAra abhAva satya.  In that sense what is our stand point with regard to Ishwara??  Just seeing Ishwara in vyavahAra realizing that he is ‘mithya’ like jagat ??  Those jnAni-s who have interacted with HIM even after jnana like madhusUdana etc. though that Ishwara  with whom they have interacted is ‘kevala mithyA’!!??
Is there a contention in below topic, from Advaitic view?

Ø   Do you think that ‘Ishwara’s existence in Advaita out of contention??
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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