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Hare Krishna

Na putrasya gatir naasti..I don’t know which purANa / dharma shAstra says this.  That means the son is the one who will guide his father / mother  to svarga after the death by performing the  vaidika karma (like antyeshti, ceremonies etc.), if there is no son no 'gati' for that departed soul.  Now the question is if there is no 'putra saNtAna' what one should do??  I reckon, our dharma shAstra would suggest somany alternatives for this.  Sri Ananda Hudli prabhuji may give some references for this.  Bottom line is this ( in my opinion) our shAstra says 'uddhare AtmanAtmAnaM' it is our pApa and puNya that decides our next abode. Worrying much about whether it is Naraka or svarga, svarga only when I have son otherwise permanent place in naraka etc. in current janma will be futile  and we have to first concentrate on 'svadharmAcharaNa' and leave the rest to 'Ishwara'  let him decide the 'phala' because he is the karma phala dAta.  In short, just having the putra saNtAna does not guarantee a place in svarga.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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Respected pandits,

I am childless.when referring puruna it says person who have no son will go to punnama naraga and that too eternal.i am doing daily japas,pooja and self enquiry.but always this naraga causes me fear.what is take of advaita Vedanta on punnama naraga.is there any way mentioned in our scripture to escape from this naraga. Please help me on this

I also want to know advaita take on childless couple.do they have chnace to attain mukti

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