[Advaita-l] Childless going to naraga

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The only thing that is eternal in the literal sense is Atma, and so when
shAstras use the term 'eternal' in any other context, it is only
metaphorical, to mean a long time.

We can only worry about things that we have some control over, our actions.
The results of those actions are at Ishvara's will. If we perform our
svadharma diligently as a dedication to Ishvara, He will take care of the
results. Let us also try to develop an attitude to accept whatever Ishvara
result decides to give as his prasAda. Easier said than done, but it is
necessary. No one will be punished unfairly and Ishvara is compassionate.
If He does punish for some past transgressions, it will only be for our
good, like a mother punishing a child - it is to teach us, not to harm us.


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> Respected pandits,
> I am childless.when referring puruna it says person who have no son will go
> to punnama naraga and that too eternal.i am doing daily japas,pooja and
> self enquiry.but always this naraga causes me fear.what is take of advaita
> Vedanta on punnama naraga.is there any way mentioned in our scripture to
> escape from this naraga. Please help me on this
> I also want to know advaita take on childless couple.do they have chnace to
> attain mukti
> Pranams
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