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Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Fri Nov 11 02:17:01 CST 2016

Is it not appropriate ? Why not we accept it, as another prakriya?
Hare Krishna

Where did I deny it when shruti itself clearly saying tureeya is devoid of kAraNa shareera but prAjna is with it.  Shuddham nirmalam avidyAmalarahitaM iti kAraNa shareera pratishedhaH.  The pure being tureeya is free from avidyA that is causal body.  This indirectly shows the existence of the causal body in sushupti.  So we donot have any qualms with it.  The problems come with the interpretation of it out of context and saying even in sushupti Atma has the upAdhi and that upAdhi is kAraNa shareera.  The causal body means not knowing the reality (jnAnAbhAva).  This kAraNa beeja is like a mental form (kindly don’t take it literally as we are not giving any ‘shape’ to the kAraNa shareera in sushupti).  This is also called as avidyA Shakti or avidyA beeja (seed) in some texts by attributing the bhAvarUpa (an existing thing) to it.  Since the sushupti is upAdhi rahita state, jnana abhAva emerges only antaHkaraNa comes back to its normal function.  Anyway, it is noteworthy that elsewhere ( in the kArika I believe)  it has been said that sat itself accepted as the seed and nothing other than sat is accepted as the seed.  Because by ignorance only (adhyAsa) world is concocted as separate in the sat in waking and dream state.  Hope we are not digging again this complicated issue.  And This time I am really going to stop this prabhuji.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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