[Advaita-l] Death in the family: rituals permitted

Shashi raghavadasa at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 14:04:28 CST 2016

Hello Everyone,

I need some guidance on ritual purity.
Unfortunately, my great aunt has gone to Svarga. 

If there has been a death in the family, in my case paternal grandfather's sister, I understand certain rituals cannot be performed for a few days due to the ritual impurity that attached to mourners. However I'm not sure what rituals cannot be performed. I'm also unclear as to how long the impurity attaches. The practices central to my sadhana are the sandhyavandana, various Japas to forms of Lord Vishnu, Salagrama puja, and Ramayana parayana. Could someone please explain the effect of the elder's passing on my ability to perform these practices? Also, if one must stop, how long must one wait to resume these practices? 

Thank you.


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