[Advaita-l] Caste system

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Fri Nov 25 00:44:54 CST 2016

Hare Krishna

1) How do i go about identifying my varna?

>  one of the ways is to ask your elders.  In most of the cases our custom is to decide the varNa by birth only.  But I know it is a debatable issue now a days.  

2) Does my varna change with time as it is a function of Sattva,  Rajas and Tamas.

>  varNa by birth will not change, varNa by guNa-karma cannot be decided explicitly due the admixture of vividha karma / guNa in a particular varNa.  For example, by birth though I am a brAhmaHa I am not entirely doing the karma that is entrusted to brAhmaNa varNa.  

3) How does knowing my varna help,  given the type of job opportunities and extracurricular options that prevail in the society today?

>  by knowing one's varNa,  atleast one will be able to follow the varNa dharma...geetAchArya assures us alpamAtrasya dharmasya trAyate mahatO bhayAn and warns us svadharme nidhanaM shreyaH paradharmO bhayAvahaH etc. So, by knowing the varNa one can get the teaching/upadesha from his / her guru to follow his 'svadharma'.  

No need to mention, things have changed drastically, people have different interpretation to varNa, Ashrama, dharma etc. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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