[Advaita-l] paristharaNa and paridhi in agnimukha - Apasthamba gruhya sUtra

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praNAms Sri Ramakrishnan prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Thank you very much for the clarification prabhuji.  Yes, as you have rightly observed,  most of the purOhits  (including me)   in Karnataka keep the paridhi outside the paristharaNa.  Few days back someone asked about  this then doubt started in me ☺   Yesterday, someone off the line confirmed that there is a provision for both the ways in kapardi kArika but recommends paridhi should be inside the paristaraNa.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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The paridhi should be inside the paristaraNa. I have seen a good pundit place it outside, it seems to me that some people in karnATaka follow this. In the Tamil side, I have not noticed people place the paridhi outside the paristaraNam. 4 different paddhatis that I consulted, including one by a famous shrauti, say that it should be inside the paristaraNam. The Apastamba sUtra does not explicitly say where it should be placed, although it seems to imply that it should be inside the paristaraNam.

Note that the paddhatis do not just follow one sUtra. The aapastamba prayoga follows some details from other sutras which are either not specified in aapastamba or details on which the aapastamba is silent, like the paridhi placement. I am not knowledgeable enough about other sutras to know if this is specified explicitly elsewhere.


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Hare Krishna

First of all kindly pardon me, this question is not about brahma jignAsa but  it is about karma jignAsa.

Normally we keep paridhi (west, north and south)  outside the paristharaNa, but in vAkya we say paristharaNAdantaH paridheen paridadAti.  Kapardi kArikA too it seems suggests that we have to keep paridhi inside the paristharaNa..Kindly let me know the correct position of paridhi and paristharaNa as per Apasthambha sUtra and kapardi kArika.

My special request to Sri Ramakrishna Balasubramanian prabhuji.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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