[Advaita-l] Pot space and Great space

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 13:06:26 CST 2016

A conversation copied from a WhatsApp group for Advaita shared here:

[11/29, 9:20 AM] ‪+ In Above article author recollects how ghata aakasha
and mahakaasha are same and by practice of mind control how ghata aakasha
JOINS mahakaasha
[11/29, 11:35 AM] Venkat Agnimile: Is Akaasha in pot, or is pot in Akaasha?
[11/29, 12:02 PM] ‪+91 94974 62044‬: Akaasha is space? So pot is in Akaasha?
[11/29, 12:03 PM] Venkat Agnimile: Yes, so pot space is only a name. It
never left mahaakaasha for it to join it
[11/29, 12:06 PM] ‪+9🙏🏼 thank you Sir. Pl keep asking questions. Helps
beginners like me to get the thinking/understanding of vedantic concepts
right. I could clarify this for myself after listening to Pujya Swami
Dayananda Saraswati Ji. PraNAms.
[11/29, 12:11 PM] ‪+The pot itself is an illusion, giving the illusion of
ghataakasha, breaking the pot is the goal I think
[11/29, 12:25 PM] ‪+Removing the layer of illusion that ghataakasha is
different from mahakaasha is the goal.
[11/29, 2:07 PM] Venkat Agnimile: True, the pot is also mithyA. So why
break something that does not exist ?

Knowing that there is neither pot, nor pot space. That there is only one
all pervading space is sufficient.

So the mind control referred to in the article is not to know this truth,
only to persistently negate the habitual wrong notions of reality
attributed to pot and pot space that keep coming up. It is to break a bad
habit, not to know the truth.


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