[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Pot space and Great space

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Wed Nov 30 00:22:37 CST 2016

Subbuji - PraNAms
I know you know - but cannot help but comment - when I read these.
Pot- pot space and total space all are ontological of the same order of reality - all are mithya including the knowing or knowledge that there is neither pot or pot space, and that there is only one all pervading space - even that knowledge is also mithyaa. It is an example to shift the attention of the mind to that which pervades everything and yet independent of everything - prapanchopashama shantam adviatam ...

What is to be known is they are not absolutely real what is real is only the pure consciousness that I am who is present with the pot, pot space and total space and also present when all of them are not there as in deep-sleep state.
Otherwise we keep shifting a reference state.
Just my 2c
Hari Om!Sadananda

[11/29, 12:11 PM] ‪+The pot itself is an illusion, giving the illusion of ghataakasha, breaking the pot is the goal I think
[11/29, 12:25 PM] ‪+Removing the layer of illusion that ghataakasha is different from mahakaasha is the goal.
[11/29, 2:07 PM] Venkat Agnimile: True, the pot is also mithyA. So why break something that does not exist ? Knowing that there is neither pot, nor pot space. That there is only one all pervading space is sufficient. So the mind control referred to in the article is not to know this truth, only to persistently negate the habitual wrong notions of reality attributed to pot and pot space that keep coming up. It is to break a bad habit, not to know the truth.regards

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