[Advaita-l] Lower order GYAnI will be reborn?

Raghav Kumar Dwivedula raghavkumar00 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 04:28:34 CDT 2016

Pranams Swamiji

there are many points you have raised in the ramana maharshi thread. in
this particular mail i do not have much to add to what others have said on
the matter.

if its ok with you i will move very slowly and start with an area where i
need a clarification from you.

I want to restate what you wrote to check if i understand your words
correctly. You are saying that -

1. There are GYAnI-s who are not jIvanmukta-s, for such GYAnI-s, their
GYAna may be temporary and can 'fade away'. that is why sannyAsa is
enjoined for GYAna-niShThA.

2. Such GYAnI-s who have not yet stabilized the GYAna i.e., they have not
yet attained jIvanmukti - they do not attain 'emancipation' ie.,
janmarAhityam (liberation from embodiment). They will have to be reborn
again until their GYAna becomes dRDhaM.

3. Also when you talk of 'lower order GYAnI-s', i assume that even in their
case,  you are referring to those who have arrived at  lakShyArtha of the
mahAvAkya by shravaNam from a sAmpradAyavit teacher, by the word GYAnI.

This entire question arose because i have read and heard about the
alternative view attributed to JMV that all GYAnI-s who have not
accomplished jIvanmukti, will still get liberation from embodiment upon
death, although they may be suffer due to dvaita vasana-s in this life even
after GYAna. This may well be a mis-reading of JMV but i wish that you
share your understanding of this issue of the post-mortem fate of
non-jIvanmukta GYAnI-s. I am reminded of bahunAm janmanAm ante GYAnavAn mAm
prapadyate, the word GYAnavAn is commented as प्राप्तपरिपाकज्ञानः one who
has attained matured knowledge.


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